Dueling Mandates In Yellowstone

Old Faithful is one of the most popular visitors destination park.In winter and summer.There’s only one way to get into the park in winter and that’s by snowmobile or snowcoach.In the 1970’s there wasn’t really a lot of people that would come there but it increased 140,000 per season in the early 1990’s.There were some things that had to be discussed like… overcrowding,noise and air pollution,facilitates and services, wildlife.A solution is to Require that visitors use the latest model snowmobiles that produce less noise and air pollution than two – stroke models. The positives for that solution is… less traffic (if smaller) and the con to that is more pollution.Less noise and air pollution and the con for that is more expensive. Lastly the new  model could be faster and the con to that is more accidents with stupid people.

I think this is a good solution because I think this is the best solution because it helps the workers and kinda the civilians…….. Workers for work get there quicker…. Civilians To have fun with there families and to enjoy and leave quicker if people wanted to or needed too.


The reason I sent Ike my dog to the Igor Brotweiler Academy is because…he would chew on my slippers,he would chew on my clutch pillows, and he would snatch my weave.But the one thing that made me really mad and make me send him Ike to the academy was when he would drag me while we would be on our walk. He needed to be taught a lesson. It made me sad that he made me reach that point, but he couldn’t obey. Whenever the academy took him he would write me over exaggerated notes. He would say he was in “dog prison”. Even though he didn’t know that the academy warden would tel me what they were gonna do that day. One day he wrote me a note saying he would escape from the academy because “I left him no choice”. So I was just going to get the groceries like I do every Wednesday and all of a sudden a big truck is coming, right before I was about to close my eyes, Ike was he to save me.After all I love that dog!







Bethany Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton was born in Lihue,Kauai<Hawaii in 1990. She was average growing up. She became famous from her shark attack of 2003 and her movie about it ‘Soul surfer”.She lost her left arm by a shark attack.She has blonde hair and she has hazel  eyes,she has two sons.She lost 60% of her blood in the attack. It was as tiger shark that took her left arm.I would describe her as Tenacious. Bethany likes to surf,shop,and play with her two sons Tobias and Wesley Phillips. She is married to Adam Dirks.Something unique about Bethany is that she can still surf even without her left arm.We are alike that we both like to surf and go to the beach and have hazel eyes and were both brave.We are different because she has blonde hair and i have brown, i do NOT have sons or a husband, she lost a arm and i still have two.

websites used. wikkipedia, google.

Midnight Ride

Minutemen ready to fight at a minutes notice
If one by land ,if two by sea
Dark night samuel Prescott was the only one to make it to concored
Night time it was when William Dawes fell off his horse and broke his leg
In the darkness of night the men rode to charlestown in lexington and Concord
Guns were handled
How they told the people, they yelled and said the red coats are coming” and knocked on doors
The british are coming

Regulars are coming
In Concord where the weapons were.
Defending there home land
Entire army marching


For MLK day , i cleaned my house and my room, i played with are next door neighboors dogs.Its a good thing to do for MLK day because Martin Luther King ,Jr. never stopped working to make a difference in the world,so even just taking out the trash would make a difference in your commiuntiy.

Colonial Wig Maker

November 13 1804

Today I had to go get a broom to sweep the ground,I also had to make a blonde slick back curly wig.We ran out of human hair so I had to horse hair instead.Now i can put it on a cap and give it to them.Some more people came in and I had to make a black poofy wig,I first shaved them then I measured there head five ways.I also made the black poofy wig hair out of cow tails.Then i put it in oil,and I combed it and boiled it then its ready to give it to them.I usually get nothing but very rarely i get a yearly fee to care for wigs and i love it!

Colonial Leader

Who is John Rolfe?

He is a Jamestown land owner.

Married to Pocahontas.

Born May 6, 1585, Heacham, United Kingdom.

They got married after Pocahontas got kidnapped.

He introduced the reguler cultivation of tobacco.

John had three spouses,Jane Peirce,Pocahontas,and Sarah Hacker.

He died on 1622 in Varina Plantation.

He had one child with each spouse,Thomas Rolfe, Bermuda Rolfe,ans Elizabeth Rolfe.

Parents were, Dorthea Mason, and John Rolfe sr.

Pocahontas and John Rolfe were married for 2 years.


That is John Rolfe.


Our homecoming is every 3 years.As soon as i walked in i ran to sophie and taylor and lauryn and we played with Joeys little sister Savvana. All of us were playing tag and we were doing gymnastics.Once and a while we would go to the bathroom and play in there.I had to take a buch of pictures with people like Mallory Audrie and like 100 more.Savvana kept getting on my back so i had to put her down alot cause my back hurt,i litterly almost lost every time i put her down tho.Taylor kept taking pictures of me and sophie with weired snapchat filters.I inded up taking my mum off cause it was itching me.Isabella showed up i was crying happy tears i havn’t  seen her in forever i missed her so much,We hugged alot.I got a horn thing so i could yell in my friends ear.We left but while we were walking to my moms car i bit my lip and i was gushing out blood and that was really my homcoming.